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Thank you, [profile] klgrem, for the card!

So here's the deal: I am applying for a £10,000 grant for postgrad research. I am, at this precise moment in time, supposed to be writing my grant proposal.  Yet here I am!
Of course, thinking about failing at this makes me think about how I fail at other stuff like losing weight and having relationships. Oh and finishing things. Just how much I fail in general, actually. I'm not usually that emo about this stuff, but home has been eh, tense, I can't find a permanent job and I cannot write this fucking proposal. Today is just one of those days when running away with the foreign legion looks attractive. You know those days when you're all 'I have an honours degree! I'm smart and not ugly and pretty funny! Why am I still unemployed and single? Why is every girl I date crazy?' questions for the ages, man. It's just so depressing when you realise that in order to be employed you may actually have to take your hard-earned degree off of your CV.

But eh. I have Panic tickets for the Glasgow gig (any other fangirls going?) and I have my health (HAHA I am Sybil Ramkin without dragons, natch).
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Tonight at work was either hilarious or tragic, take your pick. My boss is at a regional meeting tomorrow and off friday to there was a billion things to do before she goes. Add to that we have new tenants arriving at the weekend and the Torcher Parade is on Saturday. 
I got an email from a prospective tenant regarding her requests and it was so hilarious:
'no smoker, non-vegetarian. No mixed sex, no smokers, no pref on vegetarians'
OMG WTF? I laughed so hard.

I'm reading rendezvous with Rama at the moment and am really enjoying it, waiting for my new CJ. Cherryh books to arrive. I've ordered the next books in the Fortress series, the first ones were really satisfying.

Oh, and I've started hanging around delicious. I'm tagging quite a bit- mostly stuff I'm reading now like KKM (*facepalm*)


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