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First off, I've been  a lazy bastard with comments. Thank you to everyone who commented or e-mailed with congrats!

Now the semi-interesting bit: photos! These one are courtesy of [profile] aero16, who attended and indeed boogied on down along with Jane, Nicole and my whole family.

Pictures! )
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The wedding was amazing.  I'll post photos as soon as I have them, but basically everything went fabulously and my mum looked amazing. I was so happy for her that I admit it, I cried. They had written most of the ceremony and vows themselves and they were pretty awesome.  Everyone was amazing and beautiful- the bridesmaids looked fantastic, the groom and his ushers (and yes, even me) scrubbed up nice and the hall itself was gorgeous. It's the most fun I've ever had at any wedding bar none. Maybe I'll be able to be more concise and stuff later but right now all I can do is be happy.

In other good news, I PASSED MY DEGREE! I got a 2:1 MA Anthropology (hons) and will graduate on the 3rd of july.  To celebrate this, my aunt and Sharon dragged me shopping for big girl clothes to match the big girl haircut which will be visible in the wedding photos.  They got me things I would never have chosen myself but they work. I'm pleased with just about everything right now.

Except:  Fall out Boy play Edinburgh the same day I'm seeing Panic! at Reading! So sad! They have to come back again next year though, right?
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Well, today was busy to say the least!
Tomorrow is wedding day, and there was loads still left to do. We got up at 6.30am and went to the flower market, stopped at Tesco's, picked up the cake, made the bouquets (flower arranging is my seekrit ninja skill) and the baskets for the tables. Then I went and got my eyebrows waxed, hair cut, and made a giant buffet for the people arriving tonight from Ireland. They are all away to the pub now and I'm writing this in between making the buttonholes for the men and picking up Adrienne. All I want to do is sleep and admire my new 'do.
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The magic! The drama! The not-so-abject but clearly chastened apology! My internet.....dies!

Well it looks like I won't have to pick up my toys and go elsewhere. I'm kind of glad really. Come August I'll have been on Lj six years. I've really gotten fond of the place. Not that I wouldn't move if I had to. This whole shebang has certainly made me look around shiftily for other options.
The only downside of the massive fan response was making me sick of the PoTC song before I've even seen the movie. However I am so unbelievably proud to be one of the 30,546 people who made themselves seen and heard on [profile] fandom_counts
Go us, guys, seriously. We should be basking in the glory right about now. I have the feeling that Fanlib may be looking at that number and wishing they could somehow persuade us that they don't suck...

On a more personal note, I just spent three hours on a train to Glasgow. I'm meeting my mum today and going to get fittied for my suit for graduation/wedding. I've decided that rocking the KD Lang lesbian look is a-okay with me. Anything to avoid wearing a skirt. Tomorrow is the hen-night (batchelorette party for all you Americans) and then spend Sunday being hungover. Back to the 'deen on Monday.

ETA: Spelling,  for serious. It was a dictionary massacre, due to the ffact that I am using Internet Explorer, which does not tell me when my spelling is wrong wrong wrong.


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