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Because 'Every River' just says Esca/Marcus to me.

Partially an excuse to make people listen to Runrig.  This band are in my genes. I remember being held aloft at an outdoor Runrig gig when I was five or six, getting really into it! Plus at every family wedding they always play this version of 'Loch Lomond', because it's five minutes from my house and you can see Ben Lomond from my window, true story.  

I love when I get an excuse to get all teary eyed and nationalist. The Romans never managed to put us down for long, bbs!  They did manage to get up there, but the Emperor kept dying at York. Scottish people are genuinely still proud of the fact that they built walls to keep us in. Or out, whichever way you want to look at it. What do you expect from a country that chose it's national flower based on the fact a Viking once stepped on it?

p.s please do not mention Braveheart to me unless you want a lecture about walls and seige engines. I wish that movie would DIAF.

1. Loch Lomond Live

By yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes,
Where the sun shines on Loch Lomond.
Where me and tea tree my true love spent many day
On the banks of Loch Lomond.

2. Siol Ghoraidh (the geneology of Goraidh)
(English trans.)
Eighteen teams of horses
On the field of Aird a Mhorrain
the young men were ploughing
On the day the Sleat people came
Black was the colour of the blood
That flowed like a flood to the land
The arrow, the long sword
Through the generosity

3.  News From Heaven

By the mountainside, by the ocean blue
Where the struggle broke my heart in two
River of millions flow downstream
A golden highway to the sea of dreams
Morning comes, turn on the light
Deceive the day, delay the night
Ideologies come, ideologies go
A waste of words, and endless flow

4. Skye (live)

How can't you see
The wilderness growing free
Time wounded and scarred
Stroking away the years
It's hard to believe
But memories are old ghosts
Mountains of black and gold
Sunsets falling over the moor
Oh take me there

's na horo eile , horo bho
's na horo bho , hillean o
's na horo eille ho , Take me there !

5.  Rhythm of My Heart

Oh, rhythm of my heart
is beating like a drum
with the words "I Love you"
rolling off my tongue.
No never will I roam,
for I know my place is home.
Where the ocean meets the sky,
I'll be sailing

6. Hearts of Olden Glory

Like wind through your hands
There must be a place
Under the sun
Where hearts of olden glory
Grow young


Word came like a hammer
Night fell down like a shroud
And it's caught me drinking, trying to turn back the clock
Through this industrial ghost town

I've known graft and I've voted well
Trying to keep the Lowlands red
But all I gets control in foreign hands
Other colours instead

8.  Every River

But you came to me like the ways of children
Simple as breathing, easy as air
Now the years hold no fears, like the wind they pass over
Loved, forgiven, washed, saved
Every river I try to cross
Every hill I try to climb
Every ocean I try to swim
Every road I try to find
All the ways of my life
I'd rather be with you

Ugh, Scotland, I will never be able to quit you. 


Sep. 20th, 2008 01:51 pm
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You know what? I love bandom. I love scene bands and punks and tiny emo boys.

But I love other things too.

This morning I have been listening to my other great musical love: Americana. By which I mean that lovely fusion of bluegrass, country and folk that groups like Calexico and Iron and Wine do so beautifully. It's the sort of sleepy music you would listen to in a tiny bar while you nursed your broken heart over a beer in some nameless midwestern town.  The music you'd play as you drove away from your life in the failing light of day. If you lived in a tiny cabin in Maine.

It is so amazing.

So here are my favourites. I call it my 'broken hearted in maine mix'.
  1.  Love and Some Verses - Iron and Wine
  2. Your Rocky Spine- The Great Lake Swimmers
  3. All The Trees of The Field Will Clap Their Hands- Sufjan Stevens
  4. Antarctica- The Weepies
  5. Beauty and The Mess- Nickel Creek
  6. Reservoir- Hem
  7. Winter- eastmountainsouth
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Also, for the ever demanding Laura:

A Bit of Fry and Laurie Season 1:

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

I am working on a Nadal picspam, also. But that will be tomorrow probably. You know why? JANE IS HERE. HAHAH
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So I kind of promised A Dog's Breakfast?

Starring David Hewlett, all round fab dude.  You can download the parts here and here and here.

(ETA: rejoin with HJ Split)

Also, I got this meme from [profile] psychodragon82

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter (if you want one.)
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions

She assigned me 'S' because of silly Suarez. I have decided to try and represent all the facets of my musical taste in 5 songs that begin with S! I'm nutty, and bored.

Streetcar- Funeral For A Friend

Oh god, I love this band. I really, really do. I am going to see them on Tuesday, in my favourite tiny venue. I saw them in the Barrowlands, on Tuesday I will see them in King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, which despite what the wiki says, holds 250, maybe, tops. I am so excited, you guys. I mean, I almost cried at the Barrowlands show. They even showered us with fake snow. It was AMAZING.

Slow Pony Ride- The Weepies

I have this list in my head of all the bands I have to see before I die/they break up.  It used to have Hanson, MCR, Panic and FOB on it. Now only Iron and Wine, The Weepies and The Hush Sound remain. This is a song about finally being okay- about leaving something behind.

Saturday Superhosue- Biffy Clyro

Forget Travis, forget KT Tunstall and Glasvegas and all the other shit Scotland is putting out right now. Biffy Clyro are amazing, and 'Puzzle' is a masterpiece of an album. Also, I like it when bands from Glasgow actually sound like it. There's nothing that fucks me off more than when people put on a fake American singing voice.

Sadie- Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio weren't the first band I ever saw (the first band I ever saw was Matchbox 20 at The Old Fruitmarket, followed by Jimmy Eat World at the Queen Margaret Union. Fuck me but that show was empty) but I kind of fell in love with their dark stories.

Sister Awake- The Tea Party

Completely overblown Canadian rock. With sitars. <3

(Ok, so I managed to not get any of what I classify as 'bandom bands' in. I feel that this also includes other 'scene' bands, like The Audition and Mayday Parade etc. This may mostly exist only in my BRAIN, because I go and see these bands in the same venues and see all of the same people all the time.)
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So, I have uploaded ****Live in Phoenix. It's split into three parts, here, here and here, and can be rejoined with HJSplit. Formatted for ipods.

Tomorrow, A Dog's Breakfast, and possibly Hard Core Logo. I have them ripped, but sendspace uploads are impossibly slow at times. Maybe some more Fry and Laurie.

Comments are <3
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So my journey to work is around an hour (not the worst, but on the train, blergh). So I have been filling my ipod with shiny things.

I have also begun converting my favourite comedy show EVER: 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie'. I have so far uploaded the pilot, which is here.

I also ripped ****Live in Phoenix and A Dog's Breakfast (DAVID HEWLETT MY LOOOVVVEEEE). Which I will post sometime when I am not so impatient for shit to upload.

And because I am extra super and fabulous, I ripped the CD I got in my special edition of Hard Core Logo (which, mmm, next on rip/upload list?). I am especially in love with Sol's version of 'Blue Tattoo'. So that's here.

Which, ALSO, reminds me of a story that I have loved and re-read for years. In fact, now I remember, there were two, both by Kellie Matthews. They were all crossovers with characters played by Callum Keith Rennie and Paul Gross.

Shadows Fade- by Kellie Matthews and AUKestrel (Tales of the City/HCL)

Crossroads by Kellie Matthews (Buried on a Sunday/Masterminds)

I should re-read those again. I really should make a masterlist of all my absolute favourite fics.

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I haven't really had a reliable internet connection for the past wee while, so today I took advantage and decided to upload tons of stuff.

Firstly, The Weepies have a new album out, called Hideaway. I also uploaded a zip with all my other Weepies songs in it, including Say I am You and Happiness.

Second, some random songs:

I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
Black Cat - Mayday Parade
Jersey - Mayday Parade
Beating Heart Baby - Head Automatica
Sadie - Alkaline Trio
The Unwinding Cable Car- Anberlin
Decoy - Paramore

Finally broke 9000 words on the College AU!
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Thank you everyone, for putting up with me being a moany faced git for the past week or so. In return I thought I would do a linktastic post filled with cool stuff. Or stuff that I think is cool, which may be different?

Firstly though, I would like to say I HAVE  FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND TICKETS AND I WILL SEE THEM IN KING TUTS WHICH IS TINY. I bought the tickets as soon as they were on sale, and they had sold out three hours later. Pleased? Me? Oh yeah, baby.

I have been amusing myself on Comment is Free and Have your say both of which are prime examples of what happens when you give the average British citizen a lunch hour with internet access i.e. a complete trainwreck where someone invokes facism three comments in and then blames the world on immigrants. In my current mental state I find all this hilarious.

I am torn between finding the upcoming Pete and Ashlee nuptials hilarious and/or tragic. Though cynically I remember she has an album coming out in a week or something, because I'm a bad person. Whatever, they had better have a gigantic wedding, is what I'm saying, because that shit would be awesome.

Shia LaBeouf is really fucking hot, also, Tricia Helfer, my tv wife, has signed a talent deal with Fox.

If you are not reading A Softer World,
get on that, right fucking now, because its amazingly awesome

I have uploaded Tori Amos' Strange Little Girls album, for your aural pleasure.

This week I have the following songs in my head:

1. Dance Dance Christa Paffgen - Anberlin
2. Red Is The New Black - Funeral For a Friend
3. Big Fight - Stars
4. Call It Off - Tegan and Sara
5. The Wrong Girl - Missy Higgins

Also I haven't washed my hair in a week. An experiment, if you will, that has been a resounding success! It was pretty bad yesterday but wevs.

Who is the final Cylon on BSG? Plz to be discussing!  
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What's the frequency, f-list? Who else is disappointed that FOB will not play Antarctica?

I got an email from my supervisor yesterday, saying no guarantees, but I should be reasonably confident I am getting some form of funding from the School of Art and Social Science! THEN I GOT TICKETS TO SEE THE FOB CONCERT PLAY AT THE CINEMA, HAHA! They're showing the live DVD show at Xscape Odeon!

I also wanted to share these two photos I took at Panic:

This one is of Trey Cyrus- I thought he was pretty good, and he and he lead singer had some Pete/Patrick type chemistry going on. I know it's fuzzy, but I really like the light.


Annnnd a Friday Random Ten: Scandalous and Sexy Edition!  You are all my favourites.

1. Risky Business- The Cab
2. Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk (Scandalous)- Cobra Starship
3. Dirty Business- The Dresden Dolls
4. Dirty Mouth- Hot Hot Heat
5. Poppin Champagne- All Time Low
6.  You're So Damn Hot- OK Go
7. Striptease- Hawksley Workman
8. Warm Me Up- The Audition
9. Darlin'- Between The Trees
10 Burn That Broken Bed- Iron and Wine with Calexico

(P.S Is it just me or is the new version of itunes fucking everything up?)
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Album recs! All uploaded as separate songs into sendspace folders, though if anyone wants a zip I can probably upload one.

Some more music recs:

I was so disappointed when Valencia canceled their support of The Audition- I comforted myself with their album.

Also, have some Audition! Controversy Loves Company and Champion

Now for what I call my 'relaxing on a Sunday mix' -eh, my relax may not be yours?

1. Black Mamba (Three in the morning party mix) -  The Academy is...
2.  Mad as Rabbits - Panic At The Disco ( Its sunny this morning, and I feel CHIRPY, mmmkay?)
3. Jolene - The Weepies
4. Speak Slow - Tegan and Sara
5. Pineapple Head - Crowded House
6. Grand Theft Autumn/Where is your boy (Acoustic)- Fall Out Boy
7. Angels of The Silences (Acoustic)- Counting Crows
8. Jezebel- Iron and Wine (what are Sundays without Iron and Wine?)
9.  Ithaka - Deb Talan

Finally, two of my favourite albums of last year -  Funeral For A Friend's These Tales Don't Tell Themselves, and The Weepies Live At Dizzy's in San Diego.

Remember I still have Robyn's Robyn + Show Me Love and most of Rilo Kiley's back catalog uploaded.
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I seem to have like, some sort of fever.

I uploaded my 5 favourite Rocket Summer Songs for Adrienne to hear so might as well share them:

I'm Doing Everything (For You)

Break It Out
TV Family
So Much Love
Around The Clock

And because[profile] matertera and I are going to see VAST

Falling From The Sky

Pretty When You Cry

Because its really awesome and you should hear it:

Under The Blacklight - Rilo Kiley (full album)
I especially recommend 'The Moneymaker' and 'Under The Blacklight'. Oh, and 'Dejalo'.

Chroma- Cartel (Full Album)

I love 'Runaway' on this album. I'm still getting to know the rest. But 'If I fail' is growing on me.

Never Take Friendship Personal- Anberlin (Full Album)

OMG 'Time and Confusion'! I love that song.
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Oh look, a meme. Having discovered the sheer awesomeness of the SendSpace Wizard (no more irritating browsing for a track, just drag and drop from itunes! Its love) it's become a lot easier for me to upload files.

I did one of those 'soundtrack of your life' memes, where you pick the songs instead of just random on itunes. So here we go:

Opening credits:  Joyful Girl - Ani DiFranco
Waking up: Brat Pack - The Rocket Summer
Average day:  Beat of My Own Drum - Poe
First date: Nine in The Afternoon - Panic At The Disco
Falling in love: The First Five Times - Stars
Love scene: Heaven Coming Down- The Tea Party
Fight scene:  Skylines and Turnstiles - My Chemical Romance
Breaking up: Push - Matchbox Twenty
Getting back together: Gotta Have You - The Weepies
Secret love: Get Fucked Up- Saves The Day
Life's okay:  Love Love Love - Tristan Prettyman
Mental breakdown:  A Time For Yohe - Between The Trees
Driving: Anna Molly - Incubus
Learning a lesson: Walk Away- Funeral For A Friend
Deep thought: Fever Dream - Iron and Wine
Flashback:  Rocks and Water- Deb Talan
Partying: Send My Love To The Dance Floor, I'll see you in Hell (Hey Mr DJ) - Cobra Starship
Happy dance: Shake It -Metro Station
Regretting:  History- Funeral For A Friend
Long night alone:  Have You Passed Through This Night? - Explosions in The Sky
Death scene: One More Day With You- Eisley
Closing credits:  Twelve/The Foxhunter's Waltz- Seven Nations
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I'm lazy to upload a zip of these, but I can if anyone wants.

  1.  So Much Love - The Rocket Summer
  2. Your Beauty Must be Rubbing Off- Hawksley Workman
  3. Breakin' Up - Rilo Kiley
  4. Now That We're Done- Metro Station
  5. History - Funeral For A Friend
  6. Citywide Rodeo- The Weepies
  7. White Lines and Red Lights- Between The Trees
  8. Show Me Love- Robyn
  9. One and Only- Timbaland feat. Fall Out Boy
  10. Son of A Bitch to The Core- The Headstones

Also, for fun, the top ten blogs I read every day!

  1.  A Dress A Day - IOMG, who doesn't love looking at pretty vintage dress patterns? You don't? Ok. But I DO. Especially when its like, shirt dresses in LIBERTY FABRIC, OK.
  2. Smitten Kitchen - Head on over there, the recipes are amazing. I tried her creme de leche cheesecake thingies and they are like, an orgasm in a cake.
  3. Just Hungry- A Japanese Food Blog - My deep and abiding love of Asian food and slight obsession with Bento boxes is catered to very well here. Just saying, the gyoza? AMAZING.
  4. The Curvature - Cara is my favourite feminist blogger- mostly because she doesn't take any fucking bullshit. 
  5. Jezebel- It's like anti Perez Hilton.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Perez Hilton? He's like one of the world's most obnoxious concern trolls. Acting like he's all sympathy when in fact he's all GLEE.  Jezebel is like, what I would write if I was a gossip blogger who wanted to bang porn stars.
  6. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen- I'm not a vegan, mmkay, though I might as well be a veggie these days. This site is full of healthy, veggie food. Awesome.
  7. Ysolda - Knitting blogs! I could have a whole top ten just for those. I love Ysolda's fairy tale designs.
  8. Knitting On Impulse - Crafty blogs always make me envy, envy envy.  I want to live in somewhere snowy and be able to knit like that!
  9. Soulemama - A blogger who shares my obsession with fabric! Also has adorable life/family and quilting skills.
  10. U-Handblog- I love this blog for Lisa's easy, breezy style and detailed bag tutorials.
And just because:

Home Recordings
-Iron and Wine


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