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Thank you, [profile] klgrem, for the card!

So here's the deal: I am applying for a £10,000 grant for postgrad research. I am, at this precise moment in time, supposed to be writing my grant proposal.  Yet here I am!
Of course, thinking about failing at this makes me think about how I fail at other stuff like losing weight and having relationships. Oh and finishing things. Just how much I fail in general, actually. I'm not usually that emo about this stuff, but home has been eh, tense, I can't find a permanent job and I cannot write this fucking proposal. Today is just one of those days when running away with the foreign legion looks attractive. You know those days when you're all 'I have an honours degree! I'm smart and not ugly and pretty funny! Why am I still unemployed and single? Why is every girl I date crazy?' questions for the ages, man. It's just so depressing when you realise that in order to be employed you may actually have to take your hard-earned degree off of your CV.

But eh. I have Panic tickets for the Glasgow gig (any other fangirls going?) and I have my health (HAHA I am Sybil Ramkin without dragons, natch).
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So [personal profile] disarm_dwas talking about how she's started her 'prissy university AU' and I was like OMG YES PLEASE and then she suggested that we should all write AUs based on our uni experience.

Mine would consist of Spencer moving to Aberdeen after a crappy high school life and meeting five of the best friends ever, omg, and they bond really well until one of them LEAVES in a huff and then they're only four after someone else has to go home. But then it somehow becomes even more awesome,because they just have fun and love their courses and get drunk and go on holiday to Spain. Then they have lots of different flatmates and all of them are pretty awesome without fail.

But of course I've never slept with any of my flatmates ever, though I did have a giant crush on one of them for a long time. I'd make Spencer an anthropologist (because that's what I am. Social Sciences represent!) Ryan would be a biochemist (because my best friend is a biochem major) then I'd probably put Brendon in sociology. Jon Walker would be the older chemical engineering student and I'd use other bands for the other flatmates.
I kind of think basing an AU on my uni experience would be awesome, because Aberdeen University is pretty awesome.
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The wedding was amazing.  I'll post photos as soon as I have them, but basically everything went fabulously and my mum looked amazing. I was so happy for her that I admit it, I cried. They had written most of the ceremony and vows themselves and they were pretty awesome.  Everyone was amazing and beautiful- the bridesmaids looked fantastic, the groom and his ushers (and yes, even me) scrubbed up nice and the hall itself was gorgeous. It's the most fun I've ever had at any wedding bar none. Maybe I'll be able to be more concise and stuff later but right now all I can do is be happy.

In other good news, I PASSED MY DEGREE! I got a 2:1 MA Anthropology (hons) and will graduate on the 3rd of july.  To celebrate this, my aunt and Sharon dragged me shopping for big girl clothes to match the big girl haircut which will be visible in the wedding photos.  They got me things I would never have chosen myself but they work. I'm pleased with just about everything right now.

Except:  Fall out Boy play Edinburgh the same day I'm seeing Panic! at Reading! So sad! They have to come back again next year though, right?
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So  [profile] heynderyckx  left me a comment saying all the things she NEVER WANTED TO SEE AGAIN EVAH! In Battlestar Galactica.  In response: things I want which will never happen.
1) Lee to be cool again. Seriously zeromuch did this ace vid of Lee, and I was watching it and going, Lee! I want to love you again!
2) For Dee to just up and marry Papadama is she loves him so fucking much
3) For Roslin to be kickass the way she used to be. Come on woman, I know you've gotten tough, but where's the love? I used to cry when you had cancer. Now I say meh, just ELECT ROMO INSTEAD!!!!
4) For Romo and Lee to fall in love. It would be a sitcom all in its own right! Lawyers in Love!
5)Gaeta to get laid. With anyone. Seriously. The cast and crew all say he's gay yet HE NEVER GETS LAID BY ANYONE. It's sad because he's so hot.

And heroes, omg, Peter and his emo bangs are in trouble! I hope Isaac is the one who gets his brains munched. That'll be my two least favourite characters dead. I know Mowyawnder is boring, but he's hot at least and I like his 'exposition virus!' voice.  Mama Petrelli is sooo cool. Least we know now why she didn't want Nathan to go near Claire. Maybe she wasn't just being a  hard bitch.

Since this is the post of TV love and woe, two more shows:

DEXTER! ZOMG, I love this show so much. It's probably wrong to find Dex hot, but yet I do. His boat is called 'slice of life' snerk.

Smallville you asshole, what happened to you? Just watched this week's ep and why, why, why? Lana, I hate you so much like a thousand suns, Lionel you are so cool and evil, Clark, just give it up and get with Ollie. Though it may be more camp than one planet can handle.

Jane's Bday next week, we're going to go get Greek food and laze. It's my birthday omg on the 4th. Someone could make me and icon or something *hintyness*
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Just finished an icky  annotated biography.

Just watched BSG. Seriously, why do they let the guy responsible for The Woman, King even enter the production offices? Why do they let him near the writers room? I'd love to say that this ep didn't suck but it mostly did even though Romo Lampkin was super-sexy and cool.


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