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Sam has been walking for days now and he is no closer to Dinah.  He has glimpsed her out of the corner of his eye, smelled her on a breeze and felt the ghost of her fingers  on his forehead as he sleeps.

These are all her heavens, and she is nowhere to be found.

A week ago, a month ago, Dinah died again.  After all this time in heaven, Sam has lost track of the time, and the sharpness of his grief begins to fade to  a vague idea. He cannot be without her- he will be the Orpheus to her Eurydice if he has to, but the vague feeling is all he has left of her.  She walked out of a story and out of his life.

In most of Dinah's heavens, he sees himself. Child and man, traveling inexorably towards the days he watches her die.


In the latter days he sees Castiel.

He stands next to a park bench as Castiel squints into the sun, the empty space next to him where Dinah once was.  He misses by seconds the first time Castiel smiles at her, crinkly eyed and her heart swells a few sizes in her chest.

He looks on as Castiel stands next to an empty bed where Dinah slept, the pillow still dented from her head, the sheets still warm from her body.

It was Castiel who sent him here to bring her back, Castiel who told him to follow her road to the end. So he keeps walking, past a quiet moment with Bobby on a porch and the sound of AC/DC through the speakers of a '67 Impala.  


He finds her in a motel room lying next to Castiel. There's no sound but her breathing, and they're both still fully clothed. Her fingers are running down Castiel's face. He looks human in repose, almost but not quite young.

"Will you come back?" he asks her.

She doesnt answer him right away, but he can wait. He's come this far.

"I remember wanting to stay here forever."

"There's more still to come. He's waiting for you. I'm waiting for you."

"You're right." She says. "The story's not done yet. Lead the way, Sam. Don't look back, let's not tempt fate."


He walks out of heaven with Dinah at his back.
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Title: The Shout of Heavy Guilt
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Summary :Sometimes you have to live the story

The Shout of Heavy Guilt )


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