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The magic! The drama! The not-so-abject but clearly chastened apology! My internet.....dies!

Well it looks like I won't have to pick up my toys and go elsewhere. I'm kind of glad really. Come August I'll have been on Lj six years. I've really gotten fond of the place. Not that I wouldn't move if I had to. This whole shebang has certainly made me look around shiftily for other options.
The only downside of the massive fan response was making me sick of the PoTC song before I've even seen the movie. However I am so unbelievably proud to be one of the 30,546 people who made themselves seen and heard on [profile] fandom_counts
Go us, guys, seriously. We should be basking in the glory right about now. I have the feeling that Fanlib may be looking at that number and wishing they could somehow persuade us that they don't suck...

On a more personal note, I just spent three hours on a train to Glasgow. I'm meeting my mum today and going to get fittied for my suit for graduation/wedding. I've decided that rocking the KD Lang lesbian look is a-okay with me. Anything to avoid wearing a skirt. Tomorrow is the hen-night (batchelorette party for all you Americans) and then spend Sunday being hungover. Back to the 'deen on Monday.

ETA: Spelling,  for serious. It was a dictionary massacre, due to the ffact that I am using Internet Explorer, which does not tell me when my spelling is wrong wrong wrong.
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I have seen a few folk say that it doesn't matter what happens to fandom, because Warriors For Innocence are doing a good thing and getting people who molest children off the 'net. Let me be clear, I have no problem with Lj tossing actual comms or journals which advocate or enable the abuse of children. But hey, when they delete a Nabokov comm or a survivor group? That just takes it too far. It wouldn't be so bad if Lj investigated each case and weighed the individual merits of the comm. If they had bothered to check the Lolita comm they would have known that it was no threat to children.
But why be sensible when we can have a good old fashioned knee-jerk bahleetion fest. To be honest the group scared the crap out of me the first time someone pointed me towards the blog. It reminded me of the time that a mob attacked a woman cause they thought she was a child molester. They confused the words Paediatrician and
paedophile. The article, by the way can be seen here.
So you know what? Fuck it. Go leave a comment on lj [site community profile] dw_news, join [profile] fandom_counts, make yourself heard.
ETA: [profile] cussedness has done some google-fu and found that not only do the Warrior-chumps hate child-molesters, they hate bi, gay and trans folk too.  The post on the lovely WFI'ers is here


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