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Now as I threatened previously, I stood outside waiting for Panic from 9.30am in the morning, along with [profile] always_august, Nicholas, and a wide host of other crazy people. Recap along with pics and video after the cut!
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It's been really hard to work up the motivation to actually post anything on lj. I've been working on my [profile] reel_band fic, watching the movies again.  The thought of Spencer in uniform? It is not a bad one, I will not lie.
I'm also still trying to find a kitten. You would think that in the West of Scotland there would be many kittens, perhaps too many but APPARENTLY NOT. Our local shelter only had four, and they went the second they were up for rehoming. Crazy I tell you. I
 also have at interview for Air Traffic control on August 1st- I have to do more of those practice tests before it.

In better news, last night I went to the HP book launch at the Fort Borders in Glasgow. Me and Katie took the kids ( Rebecca, Arran and Megan) to the book opening and we all got dressed up.  I think there may be pictures at some point. Also, JANE IS COMING TO VISIT TODAY OMG.
Tonight we will eat, drink and watch Dexter, tomorrow the two of us will accompany my family to GOF at the IMAX.
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Over the past month *koff* or so, I seem to have accumulated a lot of bandom media. So I've been uploading some things for [profile] always_august and I thought I'd share them with you guys as well. They're all on megaupload because ss HATES ME.

Panic! At The Disco

The Panic! Live DVD- Oh there is just so much pretty in this I cannot even begin.

Panic! Covers- The covers of Tonight, Tonight , Round Here, Karma Police etc

Strung Out on Panic! At The Disco- The general baroque feel of Panic! songs lend themselves really well to the String Quartet's covers.

Panic! Live-  The live CD. I love the live versions of Camisado and Nails For Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks

The Panic! Itunes Special- Oh HEE. I love this and want to draw crimson glittery hearts around it.

My Chemical Romace

Heartbreak in Stereo by Pencey Prep- Frank Iero's band before My Chem. Frank was the lead singer. The album is sort of awesome.

I'm Not Okay (I Promise) video- In Life On The Murder Scene (which I have most definitely not watched five times) they said Bob Bryar joined the band like a day before they shot the video. 

Helena Video- The start of the My chem obsession  with co-ordinating their clothes. I do not complain.

String Quartet Tribute to My Chemical Romance- I love String Quartet covers, okay?

The Teenagers Video-  Apart from reminding me of a Marilyn Manson video, it makes me miss Mikey Way's glasses.

If anyone has the 'Ghost of You' video, I would very much like it.

And now, under the cut, icons!
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So after hearing many people squee about the glories and stalking fangirling potential of buzznet I headed over and joined. WAIL. WAIL I SAY.
While there are many pretty  (see below) pictures to look at, I kind of hate the tagging system they seem to use. Why tag a picture of Brendon Urie on his own with a Spencer Smith tag? Maybe I am just being crotchety because I went off on a Ryan Ross tangent and gave an hour of my life to looking at picsof Pete Wentz. All I wanted was Spencer! Damn you buzznet!

Anyway! Mini picspam!

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