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So yeah, there were no trains, and I did not get to go on  my date, which sucked.

But I am going to perform a FANDOM PUBLIC SERVICE, MMMKAY, and tell you to go here and read precisely everything she wrote, ever. I emailed Lemon Drop (the email still works) last year to gush unashamedly about how much some of her stories meant to me and she was lovely and amazing.

If you have the time, over Christmas, please read Distant Journey, Unknown Lands. It is a Sentinel story, though you really don't have to have a great knowledge of the show. It has a beautiful blend of horror and sensuality and sheer connection between two characters.

It remains, along with Torch's Ghosts and  Lovers (which are both X-Files) a story that I read at least once every few months.  They are desert island stories, copies of which are always saved to my hard drive. If they ever disappear from the internet, I will cry. Seriously, like a little bitch.
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All uploaded to Mediafire. If you love it, support the artists:)

All of these are on my inception writing playlist. Enjoy.

Christian Falk feat. Robyn - Dream On

Biffy Clyro - Bubbles

Ellie Goulding - Guns and Horses

The Gossip - Love Long Distance

Bat For Lashes- Pearl's Dream

The Be Good Tanyas - When Doves Cry

Twin Atlantic- Time is The Enemy

Please give Twin Atlantic a go, they are awesomesauce
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So my journey to work is around an hour (not the worst, but on the train, blergh). So I have been filling my ipod with shiny things.

I have also begun converting my favourite comedy show EVER: 'A Bit of Fry and Laurie'. I have so far uploaded the pilot, which is here.

I also ripped ****Live in Phoenix and A Dog's Breakfast (DAVID HEWLETT MY LOOOVVVEEEE). Which I will post sometime when I am not so impatient for shit to upload.

And because I am extra super and fabulous, I ripped the CD I got in my special edition of Hard Core Logo (which, mmm, next on rip/upload list?). I am especially in love with Sol's version of 'Blue Tattoo'. So that's here.

Which, ALSO, reminds me of a story that I have loved and re-read for years. In fact, now I remember, there were two, both by Kellie Matthews. They were all crossovers with characters played by Callum Keith Rennie and Paul Gross.

Shadows Fade- by Kellie Matthews and AUKestrel (Tales of the City/HCL)

Crossroads by Kellie Matthews (Buried on a Sunday/Masterminds)

I should re-read those again. I really should make a masterlist of all my absolute favourite fics.

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I'm lazy to upload a zip of these, but I can if anyone wants.

  1.  So Much Love - The Rocket Summer
  2. Your Beauty Must be Rubbing Off- Hawksley Workman
  3. Breakin' Up - Rilo Kiley
  4. Now That We're Done- Metro Station
  5. History - Funeral For A Friend
  6. Citywide Rodeo- The Weepies
  7. White Lines and Red Lights- Between The Trees
  8. Show Me Love- Robyn
  9. One and Only- Timbaland feat. Fall Out Boy
  10. Son of A Bitch to The Core- The Headstones

Also, for fun, the top ten blogs I read every day!

  1.  A Dress A Day - IOMG, who doesn't love looking at pretty vintage dress patterns? You don't? Ok. But I DO. Especially when its like, shirt dresses in LIBERTY FABRIC, OK.
  2. Smitten Kitchen - Head on over there, the recipes are amazing. I tried her creme de leche cheesecake thingies and they are like, an orgasm in a cake.
  3. Just Hungry- A Japanese Food Blog - My deep and abiding love of Asian food and slight obsession with Bento boxes is catered to very well here. Just saying, the gyoza? AMAZING.
  4. The Curvature - Cara is my favourite feminist blogger- mostly because she doesn't take any fucking bullshit. 
  5. Jezebel- It's like anti Perez Hilton.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Perez Hilton? He's like one of the world's most obnoxious concern trolls. Acting like he's all sympathy when in fact he's all GLEE.  Jezebel is like, what I would write if I was a gossip blogger who wanted to bang porn stars.
  6. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen- I'm not a vegan, mmkay, though I might as well be a veggie these days. This site is full of healthy, veggie food. Awesome.
  7. Ysolda - Knitting blogs! I could have a whole top ten just for those. I love Ysolda's fairy tale designs.
  8. Knitting On Impulse - Crafty blogs always make me envy, envy envy.  I want to live in somewhere snowy and be able to knit like that!
  9. Soulemama - A blogger who shares my obsession with fabric! Also has adorable life/family and quilting skills.
  10. U-Handblog- I love this blog for Lisa's easy, breezy style and detailed bag tutorials.
And just because:

Home Recordings
-Iron and Wine
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First off, Happy Holidays to everyone on my flist!

I have been distracted by my shiny new ipod- doing things like watching Joe Troh's hilarious cribs ep on it, just because I can. I dyed my hair back to black, and apparently I have Gerard hair now. Katie told me I looked like him, because she knew how happy that would make me, haha.

So I thought I would share some happymaking links!

Maybe everyone has read/recced this already, but I love I'll Undress Myself For You If You're At All Interested by [profile] makesomelove I mean, Joe/Brendon. Sheer genius, I say.  Mind you, I am of the Brendon/Anyone persuasion (I really want Brendon/Ray though).

Hats! Hats make me happy. I am very Stump-like in my hat appreciation. I own almost as many hats as I own band t-shirts and hoodies (speaking of which, I now have a Cobra Starship hoodie )Therefore, it makes me super happy when someone shows me how to make my own super-cute pillbox hat.  The video tutorial is here.

Also, Ravelry! A community for knitters, by knitters. There's even a slash group. If any of you guys are ravelrying yet, I'm flamealchemist there, as well as on craftster.

Also, a Joe Troh picspam of awesome is here
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Okay, there are 71 entries tagged bandslash on del.ici.ous now. Time for the actual rec post I think- mostly Gerard/Frank, Brendon/Spencer or Pete/Patrick.

unequivocal by [profile] stereomer        

Been recced all over the place already but worth repeating. It follows the band right through the early days from Frank's viewpoint. (Gerard/Frank)

With Friends Like These by [personal profile] iamtheenemy        

Sometimes I get a craving for a sweet 'My best friend totally digs you!' fic. You know, where Ryan Ross tries to get Brendon and Spencer together and makes Spencer jealous by flirting with Brendon? This is that fic. (Brendon/Spencer)

The Making of Axe: The Horror of Man by [profile] provetheworst      

Game Developer AU! Will's an intern, Spencer doesn't do hugs, and Pete's no Frank Iero. (Will/Travis, Will/Adam, Brendon/Spencer)

Leaving you Alone With Me
by [profile] 3jane   and [personal profile] mimesere   

I think this fic is amazing- Pete and Patrick get married in Canada. I just love this fic. Plus, Joe and Andy are awesome in it. (Pete/Patrick)

 I've got your number one bullet right here, baby by [personal profile] supergrover24  and [personal profile] femmequixotic
This fic will kill you with the hot. Seriously. I could bang on about all the plotty stuff but seriously guys, hot porn. (Pete/Patrick)

Just close enough to touch by [personal profile] disarm_d

There are many things I love about this story, one, that it contains my panic! otp and it's well written. Two, that it has a lovely slow build up to a relationship and three, that I love the Spencer in it so much I could just keymash all over the place. Go read right now. (Brendon/Spencer)

Watercooler Romance by [profile] marigolde

I have a weakness for AUs where something extraordinary happens in an ordinary way. In this case it's Gerard and Frank, getting along with life and finding love.  (Gerard/Frank)

Close Enough For True by [personal profile] skoosiepants

It's a SNOW WHITE AU. Spencer is Snow White! A bitchy, trendily shod Snow White whom Prince Brendon has to save with his horse Mr Frisky. Why are you not reading it yet? (p.s, I am waiting for skoosie's comingoutau!, for it is sure to be awesome) (Brendon/Spencer)

Home is a name
by [personal profile] arsenicjade

This story is the prequel to Wednesday Night boys, the famous panic! hooker AU. But I have to say I like it better- because I love Frank here, and all of them.  (Gerard/Frank, Mikey/Ray)

pretty much a sex god by [profile] adellyna

Another prequel I liked better than the story! It's the prequel to the wedding planner AU,  the story of how Jon and Spencer got together. It is SO CUTE YOU GUYS OMG THE LADYBUG SHIRT.


Jul. 25th, 2007 06:18 pm
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My kitten is coming home with me on Saturday!

Meet Frankie:

She's the one second from the left. The other kittens are her sisters. But god, isn't she unbelievably cute? Is she not adorable?

I was going to get a tomcat and call it Patrick or Brendon, but I fell in love with the girl and still wanted a bandom name.  I get to collect her on Saturday. I am telling you, I CANNOT WAIT.

In other news I am quite disappointed with DH. I won't even cut and put spoilers, can't be arsed.  Someone rec me some decent HP fic to cure my malaise.
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It has come to my attention that I am in mad lust with Spencer Smith.

Therefore, there was much reading of fic. Now, I am beginning to love Spencer/justaboutanyone but my panic!otp so far is definitely Spencer/Brendon. So now there are recs, and also an upload of Panic!'s live dvd in mpg4 format because I am nice like that. If I've missed any good fic just rec it to me. Doesn't have to be Brendon/Spencer (because I am a whore like that). I tag recs as I find them on my page and I usually add at least one a day.


There should be a name for something like this by[personal profile] skoosiepants         

As the boys say, kittens and baby seals are jealous of their cuteness. Baskets of them, even.

How many licks by [profile] kueble_fic        

Ticky box: do you like me? YES? No:( I love Spencer Smith. It is fact, you see, that he is a sexy bitch.

Misconduct by [personal profile] gigantic

To call this a PWP would not be to do it justice. So hot.

Lying beside you, here in the dark by [personal profile] kalpurna

The saggy bed of Ryan and Spencer's dead friendship! Singing Brendon. Loved this story into tiny pieces.

Regular struggle against being drowned by [personal profile] disarm_d

Um, jealous Ryan and Brendon/Spencer? Ryan Being STRAIGHT? How can I not love?

Outer-Space For Non-Believers
by [personal profile] gigantic

It's hard to put my finger on what I loved so much about this fic.  To me this was spot-on Spencer and I just loved the drumming but there was something else. Maybe the style. Anyways I loved it.

the one with brendon and spencer, often at the same time (OR: cat heaven) by[profile] provetheworst

I have read this three or four times already and I still can't get enough of it. Spencer's dreams intersect with Brendon's in interesting ways.

Now for the media portion of tonight's post:

The panic!dvd. 300mb in mpg4 format. It is awesome. Also I got my Fall Out Boy EP with the dvd so maybe I can rip that if someone shows me how (I got the other one from somewhere else).


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Okay so, someone has fufilled my longing for girl!Peter/Nathan, if only partially- what I really want is for it to be Peter, you know? Like s/he looks like Peter and everyone knows its him. I kinda want cracky comedy genderswitch. Out of control power! Peter in high heels! Mohinder being all shy and blushy! But anyway, ahem.  A Game for Fools by Eponis is so good that I was like, what the hell! The sex is hot! Nathan is conflicted! Peter MODELED HIS BOOBS ON A PORN STAR!
(In a side note, I tried the lj user name cut thing but after I put in a name the writing after it comes out blue and doesn't show up after the entry is posted. Anyone know why?)

Also, in honour of the last ep which was omg so hot I have picspam. 

ETA: Fixed both my spelling and homonym issues.


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