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So, I'm not a joiner.

I am practically allergic to all forms of clubs, communities et cetera, mostly because I tend to find there's always one who ruins it for everyone else by acting like Bitch Queen of Bitch mountain. 

I am so, so reminded of why I think these things today.

Fall Out Boy have announced a UK tour, and I joined OCK because a) I now have a regular income and can do these things and b) for privileges  like presale tickets. Having purchased my tickets (with much rejoicing) I went on over the UK Tour Thread.  Which was of course, filled with the reasons I avoid message boards like they have particularly virulent herpes. The I am a better fan than you! mentality just kills me.

And thinking about it as you do, I realised why.

To really match up to these 'dedicated' fans who travel all around the world, known about the band since they were conceived, are i the fanclub and are generally holier than thou, you have to have MONEY.

For a start, OCK membership works out at £25. Now that the gigs are in bigger venues, tickets work out at around £26 (which is over $50!). How many people can really afford to travel to the States/France/wherever to see a band? And does the fact that you can make you a better fan than someone who can maybe afford a gig ticket for their hometown and a CD? Do they love the music less than you?

Sure, you can save up. But when I was at Uni I  could sometimes barely afford to visit my family. Now I can yeah, afford to go to London and Paris and shit, and buy OCK membership and Clan hoodies. But I don't love the music more now that I can have those things.

Also, even so? You had better goddamn well believe that if I work hard to pay for something like OCK I want presales and things like that. I mean, I love the band, but honey,  there are other gigs that £25 could pay for.

End of Rant.
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Also, I will be going to Give It A Name, in Earl's Court, London! Bands include Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Cobra Starship, The Audition and Chiodos! I am officially super-excited. Plus I'm sure I can squeeze in a visit to the British museum and the UK's only Sephora while I'm there...

Also in concerts, I will be going to see Panic next week! I am SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS. Then it's VAST, then Every Time I Die, then Mindless Self Indulgence (Lynnnnn-zzzzz) then Give It A Name.

In other news, I bought myself a custom made wrist cuff from etsy which is fabulous and some mineral make-up from recommended seller lollibomb so we'll see how that goes. My punkypins mega mystery box arrived as well, along with my package from Crybaby's Fabric Boutique! I think people could hear my squealing in Milton Keynes.

Also, Also! Books, which are awesome.  It is World Book Day, you guys, which meant that I HAD to buy books. So I bought two Susan Faludi books, the Courtney F Smith (which got an awesome review at Feministe) and a book of apron patterns. Oh, and a book by a guy called Gregory Bateson on the ecology of the mind. I'm on a non-fiction kick right now- specifically a feminist non-fiction kick.

In honour of this day, rec me books!


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