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He compares himself to Patrick Stump, as in LOOKSWISE. My poor baby - it's ok, you look nothing like Perez.

Also someone wrote a letter to last week's KERRANG! about how Pete was whack and Patrick ruled. It was anonymous, so I think Pete wrote it.

I am off to GIAN this weekend! I hope to see some Cobras and The Audition! I'm going to see the Cobras again on Wednesday though so...
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HAPPY YESTERDAY BIRTHDAY [profile] always_august! May the William Beckett be with you! Also I am totally nearly finished the Treckett genderswap fic. Totally. Then I may need to write fic where Brendon is a spy and Jon is his bodyguard and Ryan is a total mata hari wannabe who actually works in IT. Gabe can kill you with his pinky, and Patrick is like Q and Pete is his crazy assistant.

Okay so I think Saturday deserves a longer recap, because Travis! Eliot Minor! Pete and Patrick's Love!

I totally wore the tee I bought in Paris with my clan hoodie (also my FANCY KID HOODIE ARRIVED YYAYAYAYAYA!!!) but the best tee was this guy who had a t-shirt which said 'I want 2 have Pete Wentz Babies'.
The queue was massive-luckily one of our friends had waited in line and we kind of cut in with her (I am a bad person).  They should have opened the doors earlier because they had the metal detectors, and they made us all take off our belts and stuff *sigh*.

Then we had no idea who the support band was, because originally it was supposed to be Cobra Starship, but Gabe told [profile] always_august at Decaydance that he wouldn't be there. So we were like, hmmm, surprise! It was Eliot Minor, who were actually pretty awesome. Plus we managed to be in the short girls' corner RIGHT AT THE FRONT.  So Eliot Minor, alalala, I may buy their album or something.

Then it was totally roasting, blergh, and we waited another 45 minutes or so for FOB to come out. Then they did and it was totally worth it, because PATRICK, OKAY.  He was wearing that black jacket again, the one he wore in Paris and at Live Earth and I do not know how he did it because fuck it was hot.

Pete flattered us a lot- told us he loved our accents and that Scotland always had the best European crowds (bands always tell us that, but a) they probably say it everywhere and b) we are pretty awesome). He slagged off George Bush and was unaware of our change in prime Minister. He offered us David Beckham back because he sort of sucks and doesn't play football, but misinterpreted our boos when we booed Beckham. We don't want him back, okay, keep him. He told us to 'follow the asshole American round in a circle, kind of like Tony Blair does to George Bush'. Tony Blair isn't Prime Minister anymore, Pete. ILU anyway, but if you're going to get all political, get it right plz.
Then haha, Patrick sang that piece of Akon song, and Pete was like
'I think it's really brave Patrick, that you've said you'll fight for our love.'
I laughed my head off, because Pete was just sort of all about Patrick that night in a way he wasn't in Paris. He was more relaxed, and he did the leaning on Patrick. Patrick has the same expression for Pete my mum does for Kevin- equal parts exasperation, amusement and affection, with an edge of ' I may kill you if the mood strikes'.


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