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I am here, whooo! And still you know, alive and stuff.

I've been super-busy this month- more doctors and job interviews and stuff.  Generally just getting on with stuff- falling madly for Homicide: Life on The Streets and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  Developing a massive old-guy crushes on Kyle Secor and Vincent D'Onoforio. Does anyone else go through phases where they can't be bothered with the internets?


(also I have lost 5 kilos so far! which for me isa major thing because of the PCOS. SOO HAPPY)

love love love

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We had to get Corrie put down yesterday. He was 15 and had been with our family for 12 years, and we're all going to miss him. It will be strange not having him around.

I am still unemployed, unfortunately. I've worked a few days on and off, so I haven't reached the really desperate stage yet.


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So! You're wondering how many times I'm going to post that picture! Only maybe once more, I promise.

Now that things have calmed  down a little bit chez astoryandasong, I want to know about YOU, my loves. What are you doing? Who are you loving? Give me music and stuff!

Also- I went to get my copy of The Reapers signed by John Connolly, who is only one of my favourite writers ever. His books are really scary and fabulous and have three of the best anti-heroes ever. Two of whom are gay and practically you know, married. So the books are winners, is what I'm saying.
Anyway, JC is a music geek and so am I, and I had been toying with a playlist for the books since I started reading them. So i bit the bullet, copied it onto a CD and handed it over. He was really pleased and lovely! THEN HE GAVE ME HIS EMAIL ADDRESS SO I COULD WRITE TO HIM OMG. Now I am paranoid. What if he hates it?

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So I'm off work today because I feel like crap, but all I want to do is bake  these.  Having already baked this and this, I am confident in the wisdom of Deb. Though if I actually eat any of it I will probably be sick. Oh well, they'll last till tomorrow?

Deb's recipes are consistently fab, and she's very open about what works and what doesn't. I also like her recipe style-  not too many instructions to flap over.

I am still writing Brendon/Bob, and it continues to grow way beyond what I expect. It is also COMPLETELY ANGST FREE. Yes, I know! Anyone who has ever been in any of the fandoms were I wrote will know that my stories are usually a) short and b) filled with ANGST. Normally someone dies. But not this time! This time they just fall in love and go mini-golfing. Pirate mini-golfing.

I'm feeling share-y, and there are new people on my flist ( waves) so ask me anything you want about me.
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Thank you everyone, for putting up with me being a moany faced git for the past week or so. In return I thought I would do a linktastic post filled with cool stuff. Or stuff that I think is cool, which may be different?

Firstly though, I would like to say I HAVE  FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND TICKETS AND I WILL SEE THEM IN KING TUTS WHICH IS TINY. I bought the tickets as soon as they were on sale, and they had sold out three hours later. Pleased? Me? Oh yeah, baby.

I have been amusing myself on Comment is Free and Have your say both of which are prime examples of what happens when you give the average British citizen a lunch hour with internet access i.e. a complete trainwreck where someone invokes facism three comments in and then blames the world on immigrants. In my current mental state I find all this hilarious.

I am torn between finding the upcoming Pete and Ashlee nuptials hilarious and/or tragic. Though cynically I remember she has an album coming out in a week or something, because I'm a bad person. Whatever, they had better have a gigantic wedding, is what I'm saying, because that shit would be awesome.

Shia LaBeouf is really fucking hot, also, Tricia Helfer, my tv wife, has signed a talent deal with Fox.

If you are not reading A Softer World,
get on that, right fucking now, because its amazingly awesome

I have uploaded Tori Amos' Strange Little Girls album, for your aural pleasure.

This week I have the following songs in my head:

1. Dance Dance Christa Paffgen - Anberlin
2. Red Is The New Black - Funeral For a Friend
3. Big Fight - Stars
4. Call It Off - Tegan and Sara
5. The Wrong Girl - Missy Higgins

Also I haven't washed my hair in a week. An experiment, if you will, that has been a resounding success! It was pretty bad yesterday but wevs.

Who is the final Cylon on BSG? Plz to be discussing!  
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I am messing around on Smitten Kitchen, deciding what birthday cake I want and thinking what people I desperately need icons of. Tonight I will mainline season one of 30 Rock and upload some more music.  Maybe play some guitar hero, eat a pizza, make a 'girls who make me happy in my pants spam'. Write Brendon and Bob's second date.

A good day, all in all.

Hope you're all having a similar.
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What's the frequency, f-list? Who else is disappointed that FOB will not play Antarctica?

I got an email from my supervisor yesterday, saying no guarantees, but I should be reasonably confident I am getting some form of funding from the School of Art and Social Science! THEN I GOT TICKETS TO SEE THE FOB CONCERT PLAY AT THE CINEMA, HAHA! They're showing the live DVD show at Xscape Odeon!

I also wanted to share these two photos I took at Panic:

This one is of Trey Cyrus- I thought he was pretty good, and he and he lead singer had some Pete/Patrick type chemistry going on. I know it's fuzzy, but I really like the light.


Annnnd a Friday Random Ten: Scandalous and Sexy Edition!  You are all my favourites.

1. Risky Business- The Cab
2. Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk (Scandalous)- Cobra Starship
3. Dirty Business- The Dresden Dolls
4. Dirty Mouth- Hot Hot Heat
5. Poppin Champagne- All Time Low
6.  You're So Damn Hot- OK Go
7. Striptease- Hawksley Workman
8. Warm Me Up- The Audition
9. Darlin'- Between The Trees
10 Burn That Broken Bed- Iron and Wine with Calexico

(P.S Is it just me or is the new version of itunes fucking everything up?)
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Okay, so who else is caving and downloading Pretty.Odd?

I, in an ideal world where I possessed some fucking patience, would wait until I had the deluxe edition in my paws until listening! But I'm weak, so whatever!

Work is absolutely killing me- the end of the financial year is not exactly a time of joyous celebration when you have a massive underspend in your department. Its also not joyous when you're waiting on a funding decision for your Masters degree and EVERYONE IS ON HOLIDAY WTF!

NEVERMIND. I have 6000 words of Bob/Brendon fluff. It has the provisional title of 'An Unapologetic Love Story' and is over 4000 words longer than anything I've ever written in oh ever. I blame matertera, who keeps allowing me to have discussions like 'what sort of flower would Brendon give Bob?'

To my U.S pals, is it you know, feasible to major in music and minor in art? I am confused by this thing you call 'College' but is clearly University in different clothes.
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Now as I threatened previously, I stood outside waiting for Panic from 9.30am in the morning, along with [profile] always_august, Nicholas, and a wide host of other crazy people. Recap along with pics and video after the cut!
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Firstly- Adrienne bought me a super v-day gift

Then I bought myself some v-day gifts

Then I bought a hat, and some jeans, and a camera and took photos of my cat.

And now because you suffered through that:

My Chemical Romance and The Used- Under Pressure (Li
Metro Station - Kelsey
Poe - Haunted (Full Album)
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Thanks to everyone for the nice comments over the last few days!

Tonight is a good night- I don't have to cook, my embroidery kit from sublime stitching arrived, as did my complete S3 of Due South and I get to read Wax Jism's new story without proposal related guilt.

Happy Valentine's to everyone. I heart you all.
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So, my grandad is paying off my overdraft for me. It is so amazing and lovely and I cried when he told me.

Then I got the news that I've been accepted for definite by University of Aberdeen to go back and do my masters degree in Ethnology and Anthropology- one step closer to my dream.

I have also conquered (hah) my fear of myspace! You may friend me (um, plz?) here and I will be friending those of you who commented on my entry along with ALL THE BANDS LOL.

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So last night I went to see the above mentioned bands at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow.  I was impressed with all three bands- though Secret Handshake's record is not my style they were engaging live. Also present was the non-profit 'To write Love on Her arms', about whom I'll write about a bit later.

To be honest I was really there for Between The Trees, whose album someone had cheekily copied for me ( I did buy a copy later). I loved their sound, despite the fact that most bands with even a hint of  what I call 'godliness' ususally make me run for the hills, no offence. Some of them are really good (see Switchfoot) but its always in the back of my mind 'what if they're not GLBT friendly and I'm spending money supporting them?'. Anyway, they were excellent, though the crowd did not I have to say, give them enough love.
Next up the Secret Handshake, who despite rocking the crowd and covering Cher, did not exactly win me over. Not my style.

Then was the sort of clincher of the night for me. Jamie from 'To write love..' came onstage to introduce the Rocket Summer, and talked a bit about the organisation. In case any of you don't know, the organisation exists because of a friend of theirs. Jamie wrote down her story, and he tells it better than I could ever hope to here.

If you can, check out the site in detail, buy a shirt, support the cause.  Not only do they support treatment in the US, but they're expanding to the UK too.

Anyway, the Rocket Summer were awesome, I'm a total convert. I'll definitely be going back to see these bands when they come back again.
I was lucky enough, after the show, to say hi to some of the guys from Between The Trees. They were totally nice (even when I creepily asked to see his tattoo. It was on his arm though). I thanked Jamie from TWOHA, dude is really tall. Maybe I'll post the pics later.
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Thank you, [profile] klgrem, for the card!

So here's the deal: I am applying for a £10,000 grant for postgrad research. I am, at this precise moment in time, supposed to be writing my grant proposal.  Yet here I am!
Of course, thinking about failing at this makes me think about how I fail at other stuff like losing weight and having relationships. Oh and finishing things. Just how much I fail in general, actually. I'm not usually that emo about this stuff, but home has been eh, tense, I can't find a permanent job and I cannot write this fucking proposal. Today is just one of those days when running away with the foreign legion looks attractive. You know those days when you're all 'I have an honours degree! I'm smart and not ugly and pretty funny! Why am I still unemployed and single? Why is every girl I date crazy?' questions for the ages, man. It's just so depressing when you realise that in order to be employed you may actually have to take your hard-earned degree off of your CV.

But eh. I have Panic tickets for the Glasgow gig (any other fangirls going?) and I have my health (HAHA I am Sybil Ramkin without dragons, natch).
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After I posted the link to the PopPolitics article, [profile] adellyna commented to say that she disagreed strongly, and with pep. After second reading (and a third, and oh god, a fourth), I got a bit pissed off.

That people would find Pete Wentz exploitative doesn't surprise me. I don't, y'now, agree with that, because I think he hasn't crossed that line yet. I certainly don't feel exploited because I bought a clan hoodie or anything. More power to him, I say, go for what you want. And make people wear your strange bat tattoo on their clothes if you can!

What really fucking pissed me off hardcore was the casual way in which the writer dismissed the queerness of FOB as something commercial, a veneer, a show.  Like- not gay = completely straight and obviously just out for cash.  What about queerness? What about bisexuality? Where's the fucking spectrum, Mr Author Man?

Now, I am bisexual. I love boys, and I love girls. Sometimes more and sometimes less.  It never fails to irritate me when bisexual characters (like, say Alice on the L Word) are implicated to be merely travelling on the spectrum. Like bisexuality is the gateway to being fully something else. I think it is perfectly possible to enjoy kissing the same sex, to enjoy close relationships with them that yeah, maybe go farther than your usual friendship, but stop short of sex. In other words, I think it's pretty possible to be 'gay from the waist up'.  I think Pete Wentz is pretty fucking queer, personally.

As for the author wishing for some more of them fightin' words and actions from Wentz, I can't lie- I'd love to hear Pete say 'I'm all for gay marriage!' or something like that. But for me, I wish they'd been around when I was fifteen and thinking about girls. I wish that someone had had the gall to write a song like G.I.N.A.S.F.S and get the guy he refers to in his blog as his 'husband' to sing it. I mean sure, there was KD Lang or Melissa Etheridge or some shit but I was a West Coast Scottish Catholic Punk (yes, oh god, it deserves capital letters like whoa) and there was just no-one who had ever really thought to say something like that to me.

So yeah, the article just kind of stank of all sorts of privelege and shit that I am just not even going to touch, and pretty much ignored any bi/queer experience. Gay isn't a synonym for shitty, and queer/bisexual is not (should not be) a synonym for 'too scared to come out as gay'.

In other news, I got fitted for new bras.
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It's been really hard to work up the motivation to actually post anything on lj. I've been working on my [profile] reel_band fic, watching the movies again.  The thought of Spencer in uniform? It is not a bad one, I will not lie.
I'm also still trying to find a kitten. You would think that in the West of Scotland there would be many kittens, perhaps too many but APPARENTLY NOT. Our local shelter only had four, and they went the second they were up for rehoming. Crazy I tell you. I
 also have at interview for Air Traffic control on August 1st- I have to do more of those practice tests before it.

In better news, last night I went to the HP book launch at the Fort Borders in Glasgow. Me and Katie took the kids ( Rebecca, Arran and Megan) to the book opening and we all got dressed up.  I think there may be pictures at some point. Also, JANE IS COMING TO VISIT TODAY OMG.
Tonight we will eat, drink and watch Dexter, tomorrow the two of us will accompany my family to GOF at the IMAX.


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