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Okay so, someone has fufilled my longing for girl!Peter/Nathan, if only partially- what I really want is for it to be Peter, you know? Like s/he looks like Peter and everyone knows its him. I kinda want cracky comedy genderswitch. Out of control power! Peter in high heels! Mohinder being all shy and blushy! But anyway, ahem.  A Game for Fools by Eponis is so good that I was like, what the hell! The sex is hot! Nathan is conflicted! Peter MODELED HIS BOOBS ON A PORN STAR!
(In a side note, I tried the lj user name cut thing but after I put in a name the writing after it comes out blue and doesn't show up after the entry is posted. Anyone know why?)

Also, in honour of the last ep which was omg so hot I have picspam. 

ETA: Fixed both my spelling and homonym issues.
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Omg, these pictures are spoilery  for heroes ep 20 but they're worth a look! 

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Tonight at work was either hilarious or tragic, take your pick. My boss is at a regional meeting tomorrow and off friday to there was a billion things to do before she goes. Add to that we have new tenants arriving at the weekend and the Torcher Parade is on Saturday. 
I got an email from a prospective tenant regarding her requests and it was so hilarious:
'no smoker, non-vegetarian. No mixed sex, no smokers, no pref on vegetarians'
OMG WTF? I laughed so hard.

I'm reading rendezvous with Rama at the moment and am really enjoying it, waiting for my new CJ. Cherryh books to arrive. I've ordered the next books in the Fortress series, the first ones were really satisfying.

Oh, and I've started hanging around delicious. I'm tagging quite a bit- mostly stuff I'm reading now like KKM (*facepalm*)
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Today I, Gemma Elizabeth, finished her dissertation for the Master of Arts in Anthropology. I want to die from sleep deprivation and the funny/horrible taste in my mouth but hey. IT'S OVER! I'M DONE!


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