Jul. 25th, 2007 06:18 pm
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My kitten is coming home with me on Saturday!

Meet Frankie:

She's the one second from the left. The other kittens are her sisters. But god, isn't she unbelievably cute? Is she not adorable?

I was going to get a tomcat and call it Patrick or Brendon, but I fell in love with the girl and still wanted a bandom name.  I get to collect her on Saturday. I am telling you, I CANNOT WAIT.

In other news I am quite disappointed with DH. I won't even cut and put spoilers, can't be arsed.  Someone rec me some decent HP fic to cure my malaise.
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It's been really hard to work up the motivation to actually post anything on lj. I've been working on my [profile] reel_band fic, watching the movies again.  The thought of Spencer in uniform? It is not a bad one, I will not lie.
I'm also still trying to find a kitten. You would think that in the West of Scotland there would be many kittens, perhaps too many but APPARENTLY NOT. Our local shelter only had four, and they went the second they were up for rehoming. Crazy I tell you. I
 also have at interview for Air Traffic control on August 1st- I have to do more of those practice tests before it.

In better news, last night I went to the HP book launch at the Fort Borders in Glasgow. Me and Katie took the kids ( Rebecca, Arran and Megan) to the book opening and we all got dressed up.  I think there may be pictures at some point. Also, JANE IS COMING TO VISIT TODAY OMG.
Tonight we will eat, drink and watch Dexter, tomorrow the two of us will accompany my family to GOF at the IMAX.


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