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What's the frequency, f-list? Who else is disappointed that FOB will not play Antarctica?

I got an email from my supervisor yesterday, saying no guarantees, but I should be reasonably confident I am getting some form of funding from the School of Art and Social Science! THEN I GOT TICKETS TO SEE THE FOB CONCERT PLAY AT THE CINEMA, HAHA! They're showing the live DVD show at Xscape Odeon!

I also wanted to share these two photos I took at Panic:

This one is of Trey Cyrus- I thought he was pretty good, and he and he lead singer had some Pete/Patrick type chemistry going on. I know it's fuzzy, but I really like the light.


Annnnd a Friday Random Ten: Scandalous and Sexy Edition!  You are all my favourites.

1. Risky Business- The Cab
2. Damn You Look Good and I'm Drunk (Scandalous)- Cobra Starship
3. Dirty Business- The Dresden Dolls
4. Dirty Mouth- Hot Hot Heat
5. Poppin Champagne- All Time Low
6.  You're So Damn Hot- OK Go
7. Striptease- Hawksley Workman
8. Warm Me Up- The Audition
9. Darlin'- Between The Trees
10 Burn That Broken Bed- Iron and Wine with Calexico

(P.S Is it just me or is the new version of itunes fucking everything up?)
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I'm lazy to upload a zip of these, but I can if anyone wants.

  1.  So Much Love - The Rocket Summer
  2. Your Beauty Must be Rubbing Off- Hawksley Workman
  3. Breakin' Up - Rilo Kiley
  4. Now That We're Done- Metro Station
  5. History - Funeral For A Friend
  6. Citywide Rodeo- The Weepies
  7. White Lines and Red Lights- Between The Trees
  8. Show Me Love- Robyn
  9. One and Only- Timbaland feat. Fall Out Boy
  10. Son of A Bitch to The Core- The Headstones

Also, for fun, the top ten blogs I read every day!

  1.  A Dress A Day - IOMG, who doesn't love looking at pretty vintage dress patterns? You don't? Ok. But I DO. Especially when its like, shirt dresses in LIBERTY FABRIC, OK.
  2. Smitten Kitchen - Head on over there, the recipes are amazing. I tried her creme de leche cheesecake thingies and they are like, an orgasm in a cake.
  3. Just Hungry- A Japanese Food Blog - My deep and abiding love of Asian food and slight obsession with Bento boxes is catered to very well here. Just saying, the gyoza? AMAZING.
  4. The Curvature - Cara is my favourite feminist blogger- mostly because she doesn't take any fucking bullshit. 
  5. Jezebel- It's like anti Perez Hilton.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Perez Hilton? He's like one of the world's most obnoxious concern trolls. Acting like he's all sympathy when in fact he's all GLEE.  Jezebel is like, what I would write if I was a gossip blogger who wanted to bang porn stars.
  6. Fat Free Vegan Kitchen- I'm not a vegan, mmkay, though I might as well be a veggie these days. This site is full of healthy, veggie food. Awesome.
  7. Ysolda - Knitting blogs! I could have a whole top ten just for those. I love Ysolda's fairy tale designs.
  8. Knitting On Impulse - Crafty blogs always make me envy, envy envy.  I want to live in somewhere snowy and be able to knit like that!
  9. Soulemama - A blogger who shares my obsession with fabric! Also has adorable life/family and quilting skills.
  10. U-Handblog- I love this blog for Lisa's easy, breezy style and detailed bag tutorials.
And just because:

Home Recordings
-Iron and Wine


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