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[profile] kirana_44, your boss is a dick, hope you find a new and better job soon.

[profile] heynderyckx : your geek love fantasy is so PERFECT.  It is like how I want to marry a hot anthropology geek. I have a major crush on Blair Sandburg, obvs.

Thank goodness, it looks like [personal profile] jameth  lost the advisory board election. I was kind of made aware of the situation by a post of [personal profile] astolat's, but I also saw this post by a [community profile] metafandom mod , which linked to this one and immediately went over and voted for [community profile] legomymalfoy.

Finally that kickass bitch Jessica Valenti tells it like it is in the Friday Feminist Fuck You:

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Okay, I resisted registering at Journalfen so that I could post at fandom_wank regarding the whole Mary-Jane issue. I have been reading the comments at

[personal profile] devildoll's livejournal, and various other posts regarding the issue by people like [profile] brown_betty

I have to say first off the statue is very irritiating and I did find it offensive. It was the laundry that really pissed me off. Yeah, she might have had a coy look like she was being mischevious but that is not the damn point- there are a million other things she could have been doing in the statue. I have gotten used to the female figurines in sexy poses. They're just so much background noise to me now, but come on.  Sexualised poses while kicking ass are only slightly irritiating. They just make me sigh. That JLA Powergirl cover? Really annoying.  I mean come on.

But what really got to me was the 'OMG these women are hysterical!' tone in some of the comments. Yeah, it isn't exactly the fall of humankind but where does it say that people can't get annoyed about stuff like that? What's wrong with being a feminist?   What's wrong with getting annoyed at someone reducing a strong woman to a passive sex object who seems to get thrills washing her husband's costumes?

I just started to wonder if I was missing something. Did I miss the memo on feminist= hysterical and irrational? Not just in this context but in general. Why is feminism such a dirty word?  Why, if you support the equality of women are you not a feminist?



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