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I just bought some Christmas cards. Supercute cards, to be sure, but its not even Halloween yet. However Christmas spirit and its accompanying paranoia is already lodged in my brain.

I am choosing to blame work.  It's not rough for me, but it could be quite emotional if I let it. So now when my mind wanders I'm already thinking about letterpress christmas cards and hmming over taking the handmade pledge.  I think I will- between my own craftiness and cooking (I just put some orders down for preserving jars and bottles to replace those I've used) I will be able to both start early and  avoid spending loads on crap presents nobody wants. Think chilli jelly with tiny sweet cards, homemade peanut brittle. Madiera cakes and praline cookies. In lovely sweet brown paper wrapped with string.

Hopefully I'll get loosed in the kitchen this Christmas, give my mum a break.

Of course its an extension of what I want for myself- that is for a sweet letterpress card and maybe a little 'Home Sweet Homo' cross-stitch. Old before my time and proud.  Maybe a little gocco moleskein recipe notebook. I AM EASILY PLEASED.

(p.s Pressa Russa is where I got my cards. Just don't buy everything before I get paid again, you guys. also, cough cough, expect more rambles on this subject)
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First off, Happy Holidays to everyone on my flist!

I have been distracted by my shiny new ipod- doing things like watching Joe Troh's hilarious cribs ep on it, just because I can. I dyed my hair back to black, and apparently I have Gerard hair now. Katie told me I looked like him, because she knew how happy that would make me, haha.

So I thought I would share some happymaking links!

Maybe everyone has read/recced this already, but I love I'll Undress Myself For You If You're At All Interested by [profile] makesomelove I mean, Joe/Brendon. Sheer genius, I say.  Mind you, I am of the Brendon/Anyone persuasion (I really want Brendon/Ray though).

Hats! Hats make me happy. I am very Stump-like in my hat appreciation. I own almost as many hats as I own band t-shirts and hoodies (speaking of which, I now have a Cobra Starship hoodie )Therefore, it makes me super happy when someone shows me how to make my own super-cute pillbox hat.  The video tutorial is here.

Also, Ravelry! A community for knitters, by knitters. There's even a slash group. If any of you guys are ravelrying yet, I'm flamealchemist there, as well as on craftster.

Also, a Joe Troh picspam of awesome is here


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