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So! You're wondering how many times I'm going to post that picture! Only maybe once more, I promise.

Now that things have calmed  down a little bit chez astoryandasong, I want to know about YOU, my loves. What are you doing? Who are you loving? Give me music and stuff!

Also- I went to get my copy of The Reapers signed by John Connolly, who is only one of my favourite writers ever. His books are really scary and fabulous and have three of the best anti-heroes ever. Two of whom are gay and practically you know, married. So the books are winners, is what I'm saying.
Anyway, JC is a music geek and so am I, and I had been toying with a playlist for the books since I started reading them. So i bit the bullet, copied it onto a CD and handed it over. He was really pleased and lovely! THEN HE GAVE ME HIS EMAIL ADDRESS SO I COULD WRITE TO HIM OMG. Now I am paranoid. What if he hates it?

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Also, I will be going to Give It A Name, in Earl's Court, London! Bands include Paramore, 30 Seconds to Mars, Cobra Starship, The Audition and Chiodos! I am officially super-excited. Plus I'm sure I can squeeze in a visit to the British museum and the UK's only Sephora while I'm there...

Also in concerts, I will be going to see Panic next week! I am SO EXCITED, YOU GUYS. Then it's VAST, then Every Time I Die, then Mindless Self Indulgence (Lynnnnn-zzzzz) then Give It A Name.

In other news, I bought myself a custom made wrist cuff from etsy which is fabulous and some mineral make-up from recommended seller lollibomb so we'll see how that goes. My punkypins mega mystery box arrived as well, along with my package from Crybaby's Fabric Boutique! I think people could hear my squealing in Milton Keynes.

Also, Also! Books, which are awesome.  It is World Book Day, you guys, which meant that I HAD to buy books. So I bought two Susan Faludi books, the Courtney F Smith (which got an awesome review at Feministe) and a book of apron patterns. Oh, and a book by a guy called Gregory Bateson on the ecology of the mind. I'm on a non-fiction kick right now- specifically a feminist non-fiction kick.

In honour of this day, rec me books!
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Tonight at work was either hilarious or tragic, take your pick. My boss is at a regional meeting tomorrow and off friday to there was a billion things to do before she goes. Add to that we have new tenants arriving at the weekend and the Torcher Parade is on Saturday. 
I got an email from a prospective tenant regarding her requests and it was so hilarious:
'no smoker, non-vegetarian. No mixed sex, no smokers, no pref on vegetarians'
OMG WTF? I laughed so hard.

I'm reading rendezvous with Rama at the moment and am really enjoying it, waiting for my new CJ. Cherryh books to arrive. I've ordered the next books in the Fortress series, the first ones were really satisfying.

Oh, and I've started hanging around delicious. I'm tagging quite a bit- mostly stuff I'm reading now like KKM (*facepalm*)
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First of all, happy belated holidays to everyone.

The holiday season was extremely busy for me; not only that but one of my favourite people in the whole world was ill and I was worried a lot :-(
My mum was all, I have something to tell you but I want to do it in person and I was all, oh dear. It turned out that my aunt had breast cancer, and was going to need surgery and stuff. Luckily that all seems to be on track and hopefully after this is all over she'll see the back of it. I love her very, very much and she's been so brave about everything. Unfortunately I was bogged down in the first draft of my honours dissertation and couldn't go down until a couple of days before xmas.

Christmas day was rocking, if I do say so myself. I got tons of cool Superman stuff; the Christopher Reeve box set with the Donner Cut of Superman 2 in it, new pyjamas, season 3 of CSI Miami and loads of other cool things. I also got some fab books: Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things, Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke,  the two new Niomi Novik books and I bought more Pratchett and Clarke myself. I love getting pretty hardbacks at Christmas- The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories by Susanna Clark has the most gorgeous cover. 
Anyway, more from me laters.


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