Aug. 2nd, 2007 01:29 pm
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Okay so I now have sixty-one bandslash entries tagged on my

I decided to do up another recs set but OMG YOU GUYS I HAD TO DO THIS ONE RIGHT NOW.

Wake Up and Notice by Cimorene is just so unbelievably awesome I just have no words. It's Gerard, and Frankie, and some of MCR get turned into girls which is my BIGGEST FAVOURITEST KINK EVER OKAY,  and Cimorene's Gerard is just so Gerard, if you get what I mean. Awesome. Go read.
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It has come to my attention that I am in mad lust with Spencer Smith.

Therefore, there was much reading of fic. Now, I am beginning to love Spencer/justaboutanyone but my panic!otp so far is definitely Spencer/Brendon. So now there are recs, and also an upload of Panic!'s live dvd in mpg4 format because I am nice like that. If I've missed any good fic just rec it to me. Doesn't have to be Brendon/Spencer (because I am a whore like that). I tag recs as I find them on my page and I usually add at least one a day.


There should be a name for something like this by[personal profile] skoosiepants         

As the boys say, kittens and baby seals are jealous of their cuteness. Baskets of them, even.

How many licks by [profile] kueble_fic        

Ticky box: do you like me? YES? No:( I love Spencer Smith. It is fact, you see, that he is a sexy bitch.

Misconduct by [personal profile] gigantic

To call this a PWP would not be to do it justice. So hot.

Lying beside you, here in the dark by [personal profile] kalpurna

The saggy bed of Ryan and Spencer's dead friendship! Singing Brendon. Loved this story into tiny pieces.

Regular struggle against being drowned by [personal profile] disarm_d

Um, jealous Ryan and Brendon/Spencer? Ryan Being STRAIGHT? How can I not love?

Outer-Space For Non-Believers
by [personal profile] gigantic

It's hard to put my finger on what I loved so much about this fic.  To me this was spot-on Spencer and I just loved the drumming but there was something else. Maybe the style. Anyways I loved it.

the one with brendon and spencer, often at the same time (OR: cat heaven) by[profile] provetheworst

I have read this three or four times already and I still can't get enough of it. Spencer's dreams intersect with Brendon's in interesting ways.

Now for the media portion of tonight's post:

The panic!dvd. 300mb in mpg4 format. It is awesome. Also I got my Fall Out Boy EP with the dvd so maybe I can rip that if someone shows me how (I got the other one from somewhere else).


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Ah internets, you are back. How dare you leave me!

Okay, so I am writing Sam/Dean crossdressing!porn, and I am sooo stuck. I just keep looking at it and going, 'jesus woman, this is so sucking!'. Then I go and find pictures of Pete Wentz and whimper over them. Or you know, Spencer. Although I didn't realise that he was only 19!

I'm also listening to all the music that [profile] always_august gave me at the weekend. Seriously, Patrick Stump's voice just makes any song better. Kind of like how Spencer's bitchface makes any picspam better. I'm still at the stage in this fandom where I'm dithering over pairings. Do I like it? I don't know! Right now I'm Pete/Patrick, Spencer/Brendon (for which there seems to be a criminal lack of fic) and Brendon/Ryan.


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