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So I'm off work today because I feel like crap, but all I want to do is bake  these.  Having already baked this and this, I am confident in the wisdom of Deb. Though if I actually eat any of it I will probably be sick. Oh well, they'll last till tomorrow?

Deb's recipes are consistently fab, and she's very open about what works and what doesn't. I also like her recipe style-  not too many instructions to flap over.

I am still writing Brendon/Bob, and it continues to grow way beyond what I expect. It is also COMPLETELY ANGST FREE. Yes, I know! Anyone who has ever been in any of the fandoms were I wrote will know that my stories are usually a) short and b) filled with ANGST. Normally someone dies. But not this time! This time they just fall in love and go mini-golfing. Pirate mini-golfing.

I'm feeling share-y, and there are new people on my flist ( waves) so ask me anything you want about me.
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So last night I went to see the above mentioned bands at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow.  I was impressed with all three bands- though Secret Handshake's record is not my style they were engaging live. Also present was the non-profit 'To write Love on Her arms', about whom I'll write about a bit later.

To be honest I was really there for Between The Trees, whose album someone had cheekily copied for me ( I did buy a copy later). I loved their sound, despite the fact that most bands with even a hint of  what I call 'godliness' ususally make me run for the hills, no offence. Some of them are really good (see Switchfoot) but its always in the back of my mind 'what if they're not GLBT friendly and I'm spending money supporting them?'. Anyway, they were excellent, though the crowd did not I have to say, give them enough love.
Next up the Secret Handshake, who despite rocking the crowd and covering Cher, did not exactly win me over. Not my style.

Then was the sort of clincher of the night for me. Jamie from 'To write love..' came onstage to introduce the Rocket Summer, and talked a bit about the organisation. In case any of you don't know, the organisation exists because of a friend of theirs. Jamie wrote down her story, and he tells it better than I could ever hope to here.

If you can, check out the site in detail, buy a shirt, support the cause.  Not only do they support treatment in the US, but they're expanding to the UK too.

Anyway, the Rocket Summer were awesome, I'm a total convert. I'll definitely be going back to see these bands when they come back again.
I was lucky enough, after the show, to say hi to some of the guys from Between The Trees. They were totally nice (even when I creepily asked to see his tattoo. It was on his arm though). I thanked Jamie from TWOHA, dude is really tall. Maybe I'll post the pics later.
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Okay, there are 71 entries tagged bandslash on del.ici.ous now. Time for the actual rec post I think- mostly Gerard/Frank, Brendon/Spencer or Pete/Patrick.

unequivocal by [profile] stereomer        

Been recced all over the place already but worth repeating. It follows the band right through the early days from Frank's viewpoint. (Gerard/Frank)

With Friends Like These by [personal profile] iamtheenemy        

Sometimes I get a craving for a sweet 'My best friend totally digs you!' fic. You know, where Ryan Ross tries to get Brendon and Spencer together and makes Spencer jealous by flirting with Brendon? This is that fic. (Brendon/Spencer)

The Making of Axe: The Horror of Man by [profile] provetheworst      

Game Developer AU! Will's an intern, Spencer doesn't do hugs, and Pete's no Frank Iero. (Will/Travis, Will/Adam, Brendon/Spencer)

Leaving you Alone With Me
by [profile] 3jane   and [personal profile] mimesere   

I think this fic is amazing- Pete and Patrick get married in Canada. I just love this fic. Plus, Joe and Andy are awesome in it. (Pete/Patrick)

 I've got your number one bullet right here, baby by [personal profile] supergrover24  and [personal profile] femmequixotic
This fic will kill you with the hot. Seriously. I could bang on about all the plotty stuff but seriously guys, hot porn. (Pete/Patrick)

Just close enough to touch by [personal profile] disarm_d

There are many things I love about this story, one, that it contains my panic! otp and it's well written. Two, that it has a lovely slow build up to a relationship and three, that I love the Spencer in it so much I could just keymash all over the place. Go read right now. (Brendon/Spencer)

Watercooler Romance by [profile] marigolde

I have a weakness for AUs where something extraordinary happens in an ordinary way. In this case it's Gerard and Frank, getting along with life and finding love.  (Gerard/Frank)

Close Enough For True by [personal profile] skoosiepants

It's a SNOW WHITE AU. Spencer is Snow White! A bitchy, trendily shod Snow White whom Prince Brendon has to save with his horse Mr Frisky. Why are you not reading it yet? (p.s, I am waiting for skoosie's comingoutau!, for it is sure to be awesome) (Brendon/Spencer)

Home is a name
by [personal profile] arsenicjade

This story is the prequel to Wednesday Night boys, the famous panic! hooker AU. But I have to say I like it better- because I love Frank here, and all of them.  (Gerard/Frank, Mikey/Ray)

pretty much a sex god by [profile] adellyna

Another prequel I liked better than the story! It's the prequel to the wedding planner AU,  the story of how Jon and Spencer got together. It is SO CUTE YOU GUYS OMG THE LADYBUG SHIRT.
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Over the past month *koff* or so, I seem to have accumulated a lot of bandom media. So I've been uploading some things for [profile] always_august and I thought I'd share them with you guys as well. They're all on megaupload because ss HATES ME.

Panic! At The Disco

The Panic! Live DVD- Oh there is just so much pretty in this I cannot even begin.

Panic! Covers- The covers of Tonight, Tonight , Round Here, Karma Police etc

Strung Out on Panic! At The Disco- The general baroque feel of Panic! songs lend themselves really well to the String Quartet's covers.

Panic! Live-  The live CD. I love the live versions of Camisado and Nails For Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks

The Panic! Itunes Special- Oh HEE. I love this and want to draw crimson glittery hearts around it.

My Chemical Romace

Heartbreak in Stereo by Pencey Prep- Frank Iero's band before My Chem. Frank was the lead singer. The album is sort of awesome.

I'm Not Okay (I Promise) video- In Life On The Murder Scene (which I have most definitely not watched five times) they said Bob Bryar joined the band like a day before they shot the video. 

Helena Video- The start of the My chem obsession  with co-ordinating their clothes. I do not complain.

String Quartet Tribute to My Chemical Romance- I love String Quartet covers, okay?

The Teenagers Video-  Apart from reminding me of a Marilyn Manson video, it makes me miss Mikey Way's glasses.

If anyone has the 'Ghost of You' video, I would very much like it.

And now, under the cut, icons!
icons! )
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I am going to Decaydance fest in Paris! I have tickets and everything!

Fall Out Boy and Panic! Gym Class! The Academy Is! Cobra Starship! OMG SO EXCITED!
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It has come to my attention that I am in mad lust with Spencer Smith.

Therefore, there was much reading of fic. Now, I am beginning to love Spencer/justaboutanyone but my panic!otp so far is definitely Spencer/Brendon. So now there are recs, and also an upload of Panic!'s live dvd in mpg4 format because I am nice like that. If I've missed any good fic just rec it to me. Doesn't have to be Brendon/Spencer (because I am a whore like that). I tag recs as I find them on my page and I usually add at least one a day.


There should be a name for something like this by[personal profile] skoosiepants         

As the boys say, kittens and baby seals are jealous of their cuteness. Baskets of them, even.

How many licks by [profile] kueble_fic        

Ticky box: do you like me? YES? No:( I love Spencer Smith. It is fact, you see, that he is a sexy bitch.

Misconduct by [personal profile] gigantic

To call this a PWP would not be to do it justice. So hot.

Lying beside you, here in the dark by [personal profile] kalpurna

The saggy bed of Ryan and Spencer's dead friendship! Singing Brendon. Loved this story into tiny pieces.

Regular struggle against being drowned by [personal profile] disarm_d

Um, jealous Ryan and Brendon/Spencer? Ryan Being STRAIGHT? How can I not love?

Outer-Space For Non-Believers
by [personal profile] gigantic

It's hard to put my finger on what I loved so much about this fic.  To me this was spot-on Spencer and I just loved the drumming but there was something else. Maybe the style. Anyways I loved it.

the one with brendon and spencer, often at the same time (OR: cat heaven) by[profile] provetheworst

I have read this three or four times already and I still can't get enough of it. Spencer's dreams intersect with Brendon's in interesting ways.

Now for the media portion of tonight's post:

The panic!dvd. 300mb in mpg4 format. It is awesome. Also I got my Fall Out Boy EP with the dvd so maybe I can rip that if someone shows me how (I got the other one from somewhere else).



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