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Baby I am all up on Cougar/Jensen. If anyone wanted to rec me some fic I would NOT BE DISPLEASED.
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Sundays are generally the days I sort out my food for the rest of the week.  I met my mum for cofee and lunch- ended up having eggs benedict which was a little meh.

But then we moseyed along to Lupe Pinto's, a fabtastic deli in the West end of Glasgow. I stocked up on my favourites- masa harina, chipotles en adobo, smoked paprika. Also they have a super duper cooking chorizo and an extensive selection of tequilas. Nom nom:)

Also if you like food and are ever in town, visit J Mellis the cheesemonger, from whom I bought the most amazing bread, beurre de sel and tarclette cheese. Looking at that last sentence you can see why I am a big girl:)

So tomorrow I wont have any time to cook really (training course in another city, curses!) so tonight I make dirty rice and stuff it into my bento box (which is a super cool stainless steel number from muji). Tuesday lunch will just have to be some form of pasta. Maybe with the tarclette?

Anyway, I am now going to eat some bread and fancy french butter. I will watch The Losers, also maybe an episode of Alias?
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All uploaded to Mediafire. If you love it, support the artists:)

All of these are on my inception writing playlist. Enjoy.

Christian Falk feat. Robyn - Dream On

Biffy Clyro - Bubbles

Ellie Goulding - Guns and Horses

The Gossip - Love Long Distance

Bat For Lashes- Pearl's Dream

The Be Good Tanyas - When Doves Cry

Twin Atlantic- Time is The Enemy

Please give Twin Atlantic a go, they are awesomesauce
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I am hanging out over at [ profile] inception_kink , writing ridiculous fills like eames/lady gaga. Omg what have i become?
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The high wire. I always wanted to fly:-)
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Sam has been walking for days now and he is no closer to Dinah.  He has glimpsed her out of the corner of his eye, smelled her on a breeze and felt the ghost of her fingers  on his forehead as he sleeps.

These are all her heavens, and she is nowhere to be found.

A week ago, a month ago, Dinah died again.  After all this time in heaven, Sam has lost track of the time, and the sharpness of his grief begins to fade to  a vague idea. He cannot be without her- he will be the Orpheus to her Eurydice if he has to, but the vague feeling is all he has left of her.  She walked out of a story and out of his life.

In most of Dinah's heavens, he sees himself. Child and man, traveling inexorably towards the days he watches her die.


In the latter days he sees Castiel.

He stands next to a park bench as Castiel squints into the sun, the empty space next to him where Dinah once was.  He misses by seconds the first time Castiel smiles at her, crinkly eyed and her heart swells a few sizes in her chest.

He looks on as Castiel stands next to an empty bed where Dinah slept, the pillow still dented from her head, the sheets still warm from her body.

It was Castiel who sent him here to bring her back, Castiel who told him to follow her road to the end. So he keeps walking, past a quiet moment with Bobby on a porch and the sound of AC/DC through the speakers of a '67 Impala.  


He finds her in a motel room lying next to Castiel. There's no sound but her breathing, and they're both still fully clothed. Her fingers are running down Castiel's face. He looks human in repose, almost but not quite young.

"Will you come back?" he asks her.

She doesnt answer him right away, but he can wait. He's come this far.

"I remember wanting to stay here forever."

"There's more still to come. He's waiting for you. I'm waiting for you."

"You're right." She says. "The story's not done yet. Lead the way, Sam. Don't look back, let's not tempt fate."


He walks out of heaven with Dinah at his back.
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I'm still here and alive. A new job, a breakup and i'm writing again. Can't keep a good girl down:-)


Jul. 19th, 2009 08:10 pm
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Does anyone have a copy of Underwater Light by Maya? I contacted the author and she doesn't have it anymore *cries*
Thanks, [ profile] klgrem, I was going to reply inpost but this app I'm using is a pain in the patootie.

Catching up on True Blood and finally going to watch the last ep of Generation Kill :-)
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So, I'm 3000 words into an Adam/Kris FBI AU.

Ability to writecanon! FAIL.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]I kind of have a bizzare one at the moment. One of the other women was like he's your mentor! Only for colleague #2 to mutter 'yeah, her TORmentor...'

We have a bizarre kind of non-bromance. Because I'm a girl, obvs.

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I'm not going to say anything about Torchwood except this )But yeah. So, Ryan and Jon have left Panic At The Disco, and now there is Brendon and Spencer. Who are Panic! At The Disco again. Who have posted a new demo that actually sounds like the band I fell for way back in the day. While I'm sad about Jon and Ryan, I'm also incredibly pleased that Bden and Spence are carrying on.

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I am overcome with the need to write sadface Adam fic where he pines over Kris in the unrequited love way. Sometimes I depress myself to fuck.
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So. I've been ill on and off for a couple of months now, mostly dragging my ass into work. But these past two weeks I've been off three days one week and one day this week, which makes me stressed because I'm temporary and could get told not to come back at any time.

I think work is starting to affect me a little as well- it can be fairly heavy and I can see why stints in that particular area are short. I've had that talk - does this job make me cynical or does it attract cynical people? Does it just make me worse? I've found myself becoming one of those people who comes home and sits in front of the TV sometimes. Because dammit, I do not want to talk about it.  Who want to inflict shit like that on their family by talking about it anyway? Luckily I am gifted that most days I can just forget about it when I walk out the door. But I think some days when I feel low or something...

So yeah, I agree with [ profile] impertinence 100% when it comes to triggers. The last thing I need in life is to be reading/watching something and to read/watch dub/non con stuff.If that's what you want to write or read, fine, but I don't want it and I would appreciate a simple warning. It's not a huge ask, is it?  Less than a minute of typing vs. triggering someone or just plain ruining any enjoyment they were having. Go read this post (which is itself,  potentially triggering for abuse and sexual assault). Also, I'm not talking about warning for things like lemons or whatever, I'm talking about warnings for rape and sexual assault and any other abuse. Character death? I'm not sure on that one. Plus, violence and gore I think depends on the fandom: Supernatural, CSI etc is full of gore on the show. Maybe something like  Due South is different because of the content of the show.

I also agree when she says that its exceedingly worrying that pro-warning people are being dismissed as simply being young and naive. I am young, yes, but not that naive.  I'm also well aware that fandom doesn't owe me anything, fuck you very much. I've been in fandom since I was 14 (I'm now 24). I usually ignore wank, but there have been a few times when a lack of warning has really set me off.

In answer to the movie/book question I've seen around: there is this thing called google. People who want to avoid certain themes use this magical tool to read these things called reviews. There are also these things called blurbs on books which, wait for it, give hints as to what's inside! I know you're shocked. Also on a lot  UK DVD covers there are warnings for violence/non-con etc!  So the majority of the time I know what I'm in for. Sometimes I wait for friends/family to read/watch and if its ok I watch it. I trust them to give me the information to make that decision. The same way I do for a  mormon friend of mine and movies. She trusts me to warn her about any nudity or excessive swearing.

So..yeah. I'm ill and grouchy and all I want to do is look at glittery aliens from the planet fierce.


[ profile] lcsbanana has an awesome post compiling some of the responses to this stuff, which is quite frankly, boo you whore material.
[ profile] queenofhell made this post explaining why all of this is just so...just plain wrong.

This post is a pretty handy summary.

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IDEK what is going on, bbs, but my ankle is puffier than Motley Crue's hair.

Went for lunch at Big Blue with Carmen, then walked around the West End's fine delis, bought some cheese. It was all very exciting, as you can see.


Also I have the urge to write het!fic for Scott, or like, the strangest, lulziest slash EVER with him.

Bench Plz.

Jun. 7th, 2009 01:32 pm
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Firstly, I would like to direct your eye seeing things to [ profile] ontd_ai , and to say that I <3 it with all my shiny being. SRS TAGS INCLUDE GLITTERY ALIENS FROM PLANET FIERCE <3 <3


Not only will I see my trans-atlantic soulmate, [profile] lost_on_a_hill , but I will see Emily and possibly [ profile] heynderyckx ! My cup overfloweth and all that stuff! Any of you flist laydeez in the areas (Chicago and Minneapolis) should meet me and we will have cocktails and be drunk together!


p.s though I love Scott I also love the see you later...not rly lol macro

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So, Adam/Brendon has been done and it is amazing and hot. But, but, I keep thinking! PATRICK/ADAM?  They could sing together and it would be amazing.  So I'm probably going to do that. Just so you know. There may be skirts somewhere.
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Alan Lambert <3 <3

Yes, I am watching American Idol 8.  IDEK, but I love his voice and also the fact that he's out, proud and has at times worn a dress.  Then again, I am a fully paid up member of Teh Ghey Conspiracy TM.

I want an Alan Lambert icon now....

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Title: The Shout of Heavy Guilt
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/Castiel

Summary :Sometimes you have to live the story

The Shout of Heavy Guilt )
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Overhearing paranoia: when you are discussing something in a public place ( such as a bar when you are drunk) and you start to think OMG WHAT IF PPL AT THE NEXT TABLE HEARD ME AND ARE SECRETLY REPORTING BACK?


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