Sep. 26th, 2010

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So this week I was a busy girl, organising things and generally trying to keep a 500+attendee event going, and it went off with a bang<3

[ profile] wepretend posted about procrastination and I said 'watch Spanish films!' and she asked for recs. Because I am a firm believer  in good things being shared, I decided to rec them here. With an Italian film, because I am contrary.

Okay, for an in to Spanish films there is Almodovar. I also like his films because he really seems to get a lot of his female characters.  I would start with Live Flesh and All About My Mother. Despite Bad Education starring the dishy Gael Garcia Bernal I actually think it is one of his weaker films.  His female characters always sing better for me than the males, which is why I adored Volver. He isnt the be all and end all of Spanish language cinema, but I do think he makes a good in.

My favourite Italian film is called Pane e Tulipani which has an almost Shirley Valentine-esque feel. But it is feel good and adorable and features one of the best mature romances I've seen on screen. Venice as a character in the story just shines. My Italian is also better than my Spanish, so I can pretty much watch with the subtitles off.  But that and French are the two languages I actually studied so I dont feel so bad. My Spanish is mostly gleaned from living with a girl from Valencia for a while and then knowing enough Italian to understand roughly what is going on.  My written comprehension in all three languages is way better than my spoken:)

Also, also! A Shout of Heavy Guilt was recced over at  [ profile] sawedoff_recs ! About which I was very excited.
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